3-days charter cruises Lindos-Chalki-Symi


Cruise to Lindos

Most visitors of the island’s east coast flock to Lindos (47 km south from the city of Rhodes), built on the ruins of the homonymous ancient Doric town.

Picture-perfect Lindos has it all – culture, romance, glamour and unspoilt nature.

The village is a maze of streets paved with black-and-white mosaics, and whitewashed villas with elegant stone doorways and small internal courtyards. It’s a delightful place to wander, being pedestrian-only and filled with cafés and souvenir shops.


Cruise to Chalki

Halki (or Chalki) looks like a part of Rhodes minus the great current of tourism. A mountainous island, it is ideal for those who wish for peaceful holidays.

Halki or Chalki has a surface area of 28 km2 and is home to only 300 people.

A little further to the west you find Trachia or Trahia Beach. Actually Trachia is the name of a peninsula. On both sides of the peninsula is a small beach and it is very quiet.


Cruise to Symi

Symi is located in the Southern Dodecanese, north of Rhodes and close to the coast of south-west Turkey. The island is just over 13 km north/south and about 8 km east/west with an area of some 68 square km.

Some places have vehicle access but generally speaking it is impossible to avoid steps or slopes so it is not an appropriate destination for those with mobility problems.

The sea is swimmable from May to December.

Above all, there are several other bays and beaches which are only reachable by water; the best way to see the more inaccessible of them is by boat.

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