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  • Sail to Simi and take in its pastel-colored architecture.
  • Palos (Nisyros Island) is a great place to stop off for inland exploration.
  • Stroll dark, volcanic beaches, such as Gialiskari and Pahia Ammos (Nisyros Island)
  • Enjoy the medieval fortifications on Kos Island.
  • Enjoy the secluded beach at Agios Antonios Marina (Tilos Island).
  • Try Yiali beach for a bit of isolation, which is only accessible by boat (Chalki Island).


If your dreams are endowed with too much imagination and you would like to have a drink by candlelight under the stars or breakfast in the morning sun, then do not despair, Greece offers such a holiday.

The price range is immense and the itinerary open for you to choose.

Experiencing Yacht Charter is one of the most exciting holiday possibilities worlwide.

Pack your days with activity or simply let the good times roll and relax aboard your floating villa. Sit back and relax – your crew is there to fulfill your every need.

The professional captain will navigate your customized itinerary.

Wonderful journey

Sailing Aegean with our luxury yacht offers a wonderful journey to countless islands.

A journey that helps you discover the traditional Greece: varied scales, small fishing ports, taverns, secluded coves … sailing or enjoying the comfort and luxury provided by the yacht.

We will accompany you on your trip and we’ll make sure you’ll have all the necessary comfort to enjoy your trip to the Greek Islands  and make it a lifetime experience.